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The only purpose of our existence is to help you with the best option for your event registration and engagement. We want to build a seamless and self-help tool which event promoters can use to easily integrate social registration and word-of-mount marketing in their events website. With hundreds of other similar tools out there in market, we are carving a niche in terms of usability, simplicity and pricing to come up with the best possible service for the whole event industry. We dreamt of building a registration technology with keeping end users in mind and making sure that the whole registration process is instinctive, fun and simple - encouraging prospects to enjoy the process and be a faithful advocate of the event.

Our Mission

We love lending helping hands for events, we use technology to metamorphosise the way people experience events. We are a company with experience, with events at heart, and attendees on the top of our priority list, we build events technology to make events more stupendous. We build attendees centric event apps to ignite more connections during events, we believe in face to face connections at events. We build event technologies to maximize the value for all stakeholders and help them enjoy and benefit the most from events.

Our Values

Make the Impossible- Possible

We deliver fast to stay ahead of the competition and make sure you always have the upper hand. We bet we are the best at making the impossible possible.

We Believe in FUN
(Focus on User Needs)

We embrace hardcore research to delight our users. We’re sharply focused on amplifying the attendee experience by putting our leg in the client’s shoes wherever we go and in whatever we do.

People Centric Approach

Everybody is important. We believe each other and we welcome diversity. We show integrity, gratitude and respect. We’re transparent and we value every minimal input.

Why Us What's In It For You?

Referrals on registration

Add EventNX to registration and give ALL your attendees the convenience to invite contacts & social connections to attend.

Referrals post registration

Use EventNX attendee tracking links in ongoing referral campaigns so that existing attendees can get more registrations.

Transparency of results

EventNX’s real-time reporting and clarity of result leads to total transparency in real-time.

Event email invitations

Send professional invites and follow-up emails in the style as your event.

Guest list

Enable your visitors to contact each other. Networking has never been so easy.

Statistics & reports

View the results of your website, mailings, registration, tickets and survey in a hassle free mode.


  • 01Easy to activate integration in your website for social registration of attendees.
  • 02Maximize your reach with shareable links of existing attendees.
  • 03Manage multiple events from single dashboard with comparable results.
  • 04Real-time reports and insights to make on-the-go changes in your campaigns.

Features you love

Conveniently customize your event registration process on your event website with simple embeddable code and get insightful real-time reports of attendee acquisition.

Boost Your Event Attendee Registration and Get used to Success!

One Click Social Registration

Attendees can use their social credentials to register for your event. The registration form will auto-populate with attendee details and with very less information to enter, attendees will find it easier than ever to register – reducing the bounce rate drastically.

Shareable Links for enhanced Referral tracking

Once registered, attendees will get a personalized sharing URL to post on their social profiles and also to invite their peers – making them promoters of your event.

Show Who Else is Attending the Show

Event Attendees can also see who all are attending the same event. They can find some connections with common interest and can start networking even before the event.

Actionable Insights and Reports

EventNX dashboard smartly displays real time information with various parameters to take actions on the go. Organizers can also see reports regarding referral marketing activities carried out by attendees and which attendees helped them get more registrations by their personalized referral links.


Simple and Cost Effective Pricing.
Use Credits Across Events.

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What is Included in The Price

Social Registration and Posting

You can implement Linkedin Social Registration and Linkedin Post on your event website.


Who Else is Attending the Event

A convincing and effective widget to put on your website, which shows who all are already registered and attending the event. The widget is a photo grid of attendees with their company name and designation. An awesome way to build trust and attract more attendees.

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